Tuesday, September 6, 2011

District 3-AAA Power Rankings - Week 2

After 3 weeks of football, I've finally gotten a chance to evaluate each of the teams in district 3-AAA, and here are my thoughts:
  1. Powell (3-0) - Ranked #2 in the state, and for good reason. Powerful offense that can score with 2 different QBs. Although injuries are still a concern for this team, the defense has been better than expected, and they are getting heathier each week. Big showdown with Oak Ridge on Thursday night.
  2. Oak Ridge (1-1) - The Wildcats appear to be the only major threat standing between Powell and another undefeated regular season. Solid defense, with a veteran QB and an emerging young talent at RB.
  3. Hardin Valley (1-1) - Destroyed Bearden and them crumbled against Heritage. Not sure what to make of the Hawks just yet, but this team has a lot of returning talent (including Eskridge at RB), and they should be in the top 3 in the district by season's end. Good shot at a wild card playoff spot, even if they finish behind OR.
  4. Anderson County (1-2) - Clearly a different team without Tanner Williams, but can still score points. Very suspect on defense, but should still be a playoff team.
  5. Central (0-3) - Cody Blanc has been ineffective, and their lack of depth is killing the Bobcats. They have a solid defense, which is making up for their lack of offense (just 13 offensive points all season). Should grab the 3rd 5A playoff spot out of this district.
  6. Karns (2-1) - Looked horrible against South Doyle, but bounced back with a big comeback against Corbin. Looked solid against Clinton. Should be 3-1 after this week, but that's when the schedule gets challenging.
  7. Halls (1-2) - Just not a lot of talent here, outside of the QB position. Should win no more than 2-3 games.
  8. Campbell County (1-2) - See Halls.
  9. Clinton (0-3) - This team is in trouble, and I'm not sure when/if things are going to get better this season. QB injury has hurt the Dragons, so it will be interesting to see how things change when he comes back. Best chance for a win will come against Campbell County.
Other teams to watch out for in 5A (early title contenders):
  • Morristown West
  • Knox West
  • Knox Catholic
  • Ooltewah
  • Tullahoma
  • Columbia
  • Henry County
  • Ridgeway

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