Thursday, July 15, 2010

July - The Worst Time to be a Sports Fan

The middle of baseball season. The MLB All-Star game. The NBA free-agent market. The [British] Open Championship. The Tour de France. The middle of NASCAR season (yawn). The draining heat of the summer.

Is football season here yet?!

While a couple of those events do appeal to some, July has always been the most frustrating time to be a sports fan. Thankfully, the World Cup/Summer Olympics appear every other year, so that helps fill the massive sports void in the month of July.

The MLB all-star game?

I'll pass. This game has become one of the most pointless spectacles in all of sports. Since the MLB all-star game was first televised, this year's game received the WORST ratings in its entire history. Hey commisioner, I think it's time to either change the format or do away with the all-star game!

Thanks to commissioner Bud Selig, the MLB has tried to make the game more "meaningful," by awarding the winning side home-field advantage in the World Series (instead of awarding it to the team that has the better overall record). I'm sorry, but you can put a racing stripe on a turd, and yup, it's still a turd. Fan voting, lack of team management, it's all a crock.

The NBA free-agent market?

I could care less about the NBA. Thanks to the LeBron-athon, we were subjected to this massive buildup on ESPN - where will LeBron end up? Simple - wherever he can win a championship and make the most money. I'm sorry, but loyalty in professional athletics disappeared years ago, thanks to the players' unions. These athletes may love the game that they are a part of, but they play for two reasons - a paycheck and championship rings. Guess which one is more important?

The British Open, err, Open Championship? I'll admit, I love golf, and this is my favorite major. When courses are "tweaked" with the sole purpose of challenging PGA golfers, I find that exciting. I also find it exciting when professional golfers are struggling just to make par. However, I really enjoy it when the elements get in a golfer's way, which is what the pros typically face at the Open Championship. High winds, chilly conditions, rainy, all on a links-style course. These conditions level the playing field, which makes for a very interesting tournament.

However, Louis Oosthuizen's runaway victory made for a very boring final round. Kudos to Oosthuizen, this year's golfing cinderella story, but he led on Sunday by as many as 9 shots, and it was obvious that no one was going to challenge him.


Two thumbs down from the Fonz. Yup, wake me up when it's over.

The Tour de France? As much as I enjoy riding my road bike, watching the Tour for 3 weeks is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

The World Cup? More like the 17-year cicada broods. Americans get worked up for a couple of weeks, just in time for the World Cup, but once it's over, we quickly forget about the sport until the next World Cup comes along.

Yes, as cliché as this has become, I'm counting down the days until kickoff in Ohio Stadium. Just 42 more days!

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